Knowledge Utilization & Collaboration Management

This Service line is designed to assist organisations develop performance centric Knowledge management (KM) and associated object management solutions.

Objects in this context can be documents, images, voice recordings, video files etc. We have a specific methodology (the 6A’s) to guide us in this area.

Other Services

Business Performance Improvement

Assisting organizations improve their operational performance, improve strategic visibility and agility and reduce risk through effective and efficient strategic reporting, business process engineering and, in an increasing number of cases, business performance automation.

Technology Management

Assisting organizations to manage the existing technologies that they have to generate maximum return on that investment, plus, look at how better technology management and deployment can add considerable value to the organization.

Program / Project Capability Building

Assisting organizations develop their capacity to construct and manage programs and their associated projects. This can include any type of programs for facilities expansion through to organizations transformation.