Hollistic Business View

Our Methodology defines an organization relative to a number of key aspects and helps to position the approach that our consultants take on an assignment.

Strategies are a critical part of this view and one of the first areas that need to be look at to get an understanding of where the organization wants to be in the future.

This is translated into the operational aspects of organization and further into the operational support components. Risk Management and Internal control are looked at across all three of the previous areas.

Surrounding and influencing the core areas are key drivers that must be taken into account.



Our Methodology ensures that a holistic view is taken of the interactions that must be considered to develop IT enablement for improvement.

The business strategy is a key input to this process as it also captures the way in
which corporate/company will face the external market driven pressures. We also consider the internal aspects such as processes and the organization itself.

Bispro has developed a framework to assist our clients to develop and deploy robust and workable processes in their organization. The framework keeps us focused on the important aspects of the implementation. We adopt a performance centric approach where the metrics are placed directly on the workflows. These performance metrics are then allocated to a process or activity owner.

Our design framework ensures that processes are developed in such a way as to ensure that they help you to achieve your strategic target to be the leading financial services company in the country. Our training will introduce this framework to the participants to show how the models are interlinked and how they should be managed.

Other Methodology


Bispro has developed a framework, based on all of the implementations that it has carried out for clients, that guides both the consultants and the clients team through the various components that need to be addressed during an engagement that involves a transformation stream.

Process Engineering

Bispro has developed a market proven methodology to transform organizations. Our methodology looks at not only achieving the transformation but how to ensure that the transformation will have sustainability and be fully integrated into the organization as the new way of doing things.


Our methodology focuses on managing 5 key aspects of business operations through what we call our 5 microscopes. Each microscope applies a different view to the consultants focus.